FREE Shipping on Vinyl Purchase orders over $200 in Canada

To celebrate the launch of our new music website, in the month of September, we are offering free shipping in Canada on orders over $200.

Here is how to order:

When you have an order over $200* on our ELEMENT ACOUSTICS MUSIC website, please enter the coupon code: ELEMENT2021

Shipping will be on us. * Some restrictions do apply:

  • This applies to order over $200 pre-tax
  • The offer ends at midnight of September 30, 2021
  • No sale items. If you have selected discounted items, please make a separate order, or the coupon code will not work.

At Element Acoustics MUSIC store, we offer high quality pressing, fast shipping time, frequent new arrival, numerous inventory stock, secure payment system, and many audiophile labels including Analog Production, ORG, Speakers Corner, Clearaudio, Fone, ERC, etc.

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